by American Cutthroat

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"Fuck The Free World" Promo Video

"Broken" Promo Video


released March 21, 2015

Christopher Lauretti: Lyrics/Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Synth/Programming

Drum Tracks (Tracks 1-6,8-9,11-13,15) By: Joey Ford



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Walls That Surround You (Intro)
You believe in what you can not see
You will never see the truth in destiny
Open up your fucking eyes
God, government and society
It's all made of the lies
You used to build your walls
Blocking out world that you despise
And when your foundation falls
You see the protection you lack
Who will hold us back

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: Exposure
You have this sick obsession
You need the attention
Your exposure is weak
Here's a lesson
Buy everything everyone else is wearing
Send some nudes to the guy that's starring
And realize when your parents stopped caring
Be more daring, do a line, have a bottle, your fine
Fuck a guy twice your age, have a kid
And work for minimum wage
That's chaper one, now turn the page
Life is a stage, where you,
Just like everyone else are fake
You complain and complain
But you are just the same
You blame, you blame
Let's see how well you play the game
That minimum wage won't get you shit
But you and your kid, have to live off it
Your started a cycle
That your child is destine to repeat
Your exposure is weak
Let me put you on blast
For the media to feed
How is everyday life, such a good story
Full of privileged whores, acting so poorly
You fucked yourself, now you demand my pity
Fuck you, it's not your outside, it's your inside that's ugly
You wanna get comatose, shoving shit up your nose
You ratchet cunt, you don't know me
I was just that guy you fucked when you were lonely

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: Holding Composure
I have held my anger in for far too long
I know that it is not enough to just write a song
They all tell you that you will never belong
But you just need to stand, just stand strong

I am through fucking holding my composure
I am done listen to those saying all is fine
You tell me that things will all be in order
I'm telling you that I can wait no longer

I will not watch this world fall apart
You set it ablaze from the very start
Our leaders are in no way smart
They only care about the bottom line
And where they all score on the chart

School doesn't just build your brain
It builds your debt puts you incased in a frame
They turn it back saying were all to blame
You can bury me in poverty
But you will not bury my name

You can bury me in poverty
But you will not take my sanity
I will not stand still
I will not give into your will
I know I am not to blame
We are all the same
You can bury me in poverty
But you will not take my name

You can bury me in poverty
But you will not bury my name

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: Fuck The Free World
Your a slave
To a world
You don't even understand

You think your free x2
Then tell me
Come on, come on show me
What you see
Cause this world
Is not what they make it to be

You make me fucking sick
Reasons I hate you
I can make you a list

Fuck the free world X2
This world never taught me to turn the other cheek
Here that shit just makes you weak
We live life through computer screens
Ruining others lives as a way of getting means
You say don't bite the hand that feeds
I say don't bite the hands of thieves

You can smell it in the air
Reality is never fucking fair
Do you feel the revolution
You stupid fucks
It's not blacks against white officers
It's us against the cops

This time our voice is going over the top
You want to abuse your power
Well I think not
Suffocate our rights
Wait till we find out where you sleep at night
I want to hear you beg for mercy
You fucking pussy
Beg for your life
We won't think twice
When we leave in the knife

Don't be suppressed
Grab a gun
Strap a vest
To your chest
It's your right
Here comes the revolution

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: Broken
On your knees
Worship me
Tell me I'm everything you want me to be

Feed my greed,
cause The Lord is all you need

Do you believe in something
So much that you give up everything
Your home, your family, your safety

You glorify, this chamber of lies
Manipulate the people or preach the word
You made the wrong choice

Show me your god
I want to cut out your tongues
Let the blood fill your lungs

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: Fame or Grave
I've got what it takes to deserve this
So before I die grant me this last wish
Feel my words and see my soul
Cause this is all that I know
And I'm never letting go

I'm so fucking hungry
So feed me more
Tell me
Where is my money
Where is my fame
This not a game
You will know my name

I've seen the end too many times
I've felt sadness that never dries
So will you hear my cries
Will you help me to rise
I would give anything
For you to hear my story
For you to feel my pain
For you to scream my name

I want the power
I feel me slip away by the hour
I want the money
Just enough not too greedy
I want the fame
I want you all to scream my name

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: Born Into This World (Interlude)
I was born into this world
Lives based on hostility and greed
Raised not to bite the hands that feed
No one ever satisfied with getting what they need
But I didn't come to feed and feed
I came to watch the selfish bleed
You will not plant this seed in my mind
Telling me to stick to the daily grind
I will rise, we will rise
Over turning tables of those who roll there eyes
I will not be another member of your fictious lies
I was born into your world
But I will die in mine

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: My Great Empire
Time stands still,
As I feel the world at my finger tips
I move my hands around your throat
But I'm not ashamed when my hand slips
Because we are all the same
Weather we like it or not
We are just part of our makers sinister plot

This is my empire and it will never fall
There is nothing that can cure us all
There is no one who can tell me how to live my life
And there is no one that can tare me down
This is my kingdom, this is my crown
Who will you be when your feet touch the ground

I did not deserve you questioning me
There is no way I would ever beg or plea
I have never, will never take a knee
What the fuck makes you better then me

We all gravitate to the same sins
If we never make it out then who wins
I don't blame my father
And I don't blame the saints
I blame this fucked up design
That my creator paints

This is my empire and it will never fall
There is nothing that can cure us all
There is no one who can tell me how to live my life
And there is no one that can tare me down
This is my kingdom, this is my crown
Who will you be when your feet touch the ground

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: Breaking Breaths
Suppressing my mind
Telling me what is right
And what is wrong
Tell me does it make you feel strong
Just wait, just wait
Cause I will prove you wrong

You keep telling me it's time for change
You say it's time for hate to fade
But your arming the enemy
With excess equipment from the military

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: Change
Ive been through so much
In such a short time
Even though I should
I don't always learn from my mistakes
This burden still follows me
It never gives
But it always takes and takes and takes
We live in a world full of fakes
But I will lead an army
We will not destroy
Cause we are the army that recreates

You sold me out
You let me drown with the ship
But if I only blame you
I would lose myself to deaths grip
I don't harbor any anger at you
Cause a man who seeks revenge and not change
Should dig two fucking graves

We are all just puppets
Giving into a master
The one that truly caused this disaster
We never learn to count our blessings
We never learn from life lessons
We just continue to drink our personal poisons
I know there is a reason
For life to be so unkind
I don't believe in an almighty
But I do believe
We can be something greater then what we are

Karma is cold
Or so we're told
But I don't dare tempt fate
The consequence could be great

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: Anchors
Let me start
By saying I'm sorry
For all the
Secrets I've been keeping
I love you
I love you all
And I never
Meant to be this
Please love me
After all of this

I always knew
What I was doing
There's no excuse
I'm done making excuses
I put everything
Before my fucking priorities
You don't need
Anymore worthless fucking apologies

I'm not sorry for the person I am
I am sorry for the person I became
My fatal attraction to substance
To which I'm not resistant

I knew what I was doing
I didn't know where I was going
I wanted to make you proud
Instead I failed you
So I need to say this out loud

The lowest point
I have ever hit
Was the day, brother
You looked me
Right in the face
And said I was
Everything you hate

I hope you enjoy the anchors
You tied to your ankles
With this weight you will drown
But you tied the anchors
That pull you down

Don't you ever fucking pity me
Because I am the epitome
Of everything I hate
Everything I stand against
A hypocrite, washed up in a fathers fate

I hope you enjoy the anchors
You tied to your ankles
I can see your unable
Your clearly unstable
This life may be fatal
If your life is written
Before the cradle
With this weight you will drown
But you tied the anchors
That pull you down

Every fucking addict
Blames everything, everyone else
Tell me what
Does that make me
When I just
Drown in my own
Own self pity
I can't change me
Even though I
Want to so badly
I don't want
Don't want to drown
But I am
I am nothing with
Without you around
I just needed to
I just needed
To say it out loud

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: Freedom
I took the flag and I burned it away
The red, white, and blue just fades to grey
Government has done nothing but take rights away
So I refuse to hear a fucking word they say
With no freedom, there's no reason to live for today
I'm sick of backing down, so in your face I'll stay

Do you feel free, in a place with no liberty
They do nothing but down grade our society
You close your eyes because your afraid to see
Not even charity comes without a fee
This is not a democracy, it's a hypocrisy
But this American hell will never change me

Freedom of speech does not exist
They will cuff you up and sow your lips
Freedom of press
means you get to express
whatever they tell you to
We have the right to Beer arms
When you take it away
We're the ones it harms

Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
Means you can pursue as you wish
But if they do not agree
You are no longer free

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: People Always Change / People Never Change
Your riddled with fear
Pissed off cause
I wrote more music in a fuckin year
Then your favorite bands whole career
Haha go

Sick and glamorous
You must be scandalous oh
I thought I could handle this
But you left me,
eve of my death wish
Fuck this
Your mind feeds your ego
So nothing can trump this
I've been feeding demons
Consuming my conscience
My intentions are purely
Purely dishonest
But if you keep talking
I'm done with your bullshit

We are animals from the bottoms of nightmares
Don't give a fuck about your glares and weird ass stares
Blow coke, sell drugs, murder, commit arson for fun
We do whatever the fuck we want, answer to no one

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti
Track Name: Bleak / Violence / A Week Without The Government (Bonus Track)
*Original Lyrics, Not Edited To Go With Recorded Songs*

Replacing trees for machines
Sacrificing our natural rights
Volunteering to be
Just another deer in the headlights

I can no longer stand still
Watching the worlds blood spill
You set the fuse,
The count down begins
You set this in motion
So don't be surprised
When we lose ever ocean
And we slip from president
To the foreseeable dictator
We will not escape the allure

Breathe in the smoke
That was that was once air
We destroyed this world
Tell me how it's not fair

We are the violent youth
We are here to find the truth
We seek change through violence
We grow stronger with each alliance
We seek answers through defiance
And we will not faultier to your guidance

"A Week Without the Government"
What would you do?
With no laws to tie you down
When the government
Lays it's black crown
Upon the weathered ground

This is our chance
To take advantage
Take what you want
Not what you need
Because a county
Without government
Is starting to feel so homey

Live free
That's how it's supposed to be
See me
Not for my power or money
My humanity
Should be all you really need
But greed
In control of everything I see
Believe me
They will ignore every single plea

Till now
When there guard is down
We found
Our chance to become new
Now shed
The weight of old world
Suffocate them back
Show them we will attack

Lyrics By: Chris Lauretti